Friday, August 24, 2012

The Real "Fair and Balanced": Obama Supports the Death of Babies Born Alive

I've been trying to present an honest approach here about what we face in the "choices" presented to us in this presidential election and what that means to us, and how we have allowed ourselves to get to this point.

Make no mistake, these are ridiculous choices with the candidates spewing lie after lie about each other and what they themselves stand for.

Also do not be mistaken that I could support in any way a person who even comes close to embracing the pro-death policies that Barack Obama does.  He is the most anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-religion, anti-free-speech, pro-despotism president this country has ever seen.

This man has not only supported the killing of unborn babies (which is what abortion really is as we have allowed the practice to sound "sanitary"), but he has supported the practice of allowing babies that have been born alive to die.  You may have seen another "sanitary" word being thrown out there, "infanticide". Obama has supported this at least three times.

This is pure evil.

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  1. No words come close to describing what this makes me feel. Thanks George for posting this. May we all hear the suffering cries of the least of these.