Monday, September 24, 2012

Reflection and what's on tap this week 09.24.12

Reflecting on the past week and what's coming on A Talking Donkey

What a week it's been, eh? My wife, youngest son, and I started a new year of Faith Formation, I tried to be honest about my propensity to take control when I should let God do His stuff, Jesus was almost married, President Obama's Campaign violates United States Code, and the State Department continues its failed foreign policies.

This past weekend, my 7 year old son played his fourth football game of the season. He plays for the Lobos, who played the Steelers. When Brandon found out that one of his classmates plays for the Steelers, he told my wife that no matter who wins they will still be friends. Good thing, because the Steelers had their way with the Lobos. When I was dropping Brandon off at school this morning, he saw his friend. There was no hesitation from him. He jumped out of the car in excitement, calling to his friend to "Wait up!" so they could have breakfast together. If only we adults could reflect that attitude with each other.

Yesterday, our Faith Formation class was about the Sacraments and the need for Baptism. I feel like it was another successful class, and it's really a joy for me the way this group responds to what we are doing.

Well, it's time to move forward, and I feel like God has given me a refreshed spirit this morning.

I think I am going to try to steer away from direct political issues as best I can. That's not really the purpose of this blog, and frankly I don't really have the passion for that as I did years ago. I will continue to blog about the responsibilities we have as Christians to vote with a formed conscience and such, but just don't want to get dragged down by the "who's worse than who" thing.

I'm also considering putting some type of organization to the postings as well. Perhaps certain repeating categories on certain days with "open topics" on others. We'll see where that goes.

Thanks to those who read regularly. There are a handful of you, and I appreciate that. I want to encourage you to leave comments here as well. It would be nice to get a "feel" for what's important to you too.


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