Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rookie Blogger; I Keep Learning

Not long ago I started this blog for a few personal reasons and with little expectations for anyone else. Yes, I know that sounds selfish, but the truth is that I learned some time ago, that when I write stuff, especially stuff that I make public, I am holding myself more accountable. It reminds me to pay closer attention to what I do and say in light of who I say I (and you too sometimes) should be. Of course I fail miserably many times, but it still helps me.

Admittedly, I had not and have not done too much "studying" of blog layouts and what's necessary or not, etc. As I posted 2 weeks ago, I did attend the bloggers' summit of the Catholic New Media Conference, and did give the blog a new look afterward, but what I took away from the conference was more about content than appearance (and I like that) so I still have much to learn.

Laura Nelson at Green 4 God, e-mailed me to say that she could not subscribe to my blog; could I help? Well, I think (and now I am not sure) that I had this option on the old format, but sure enough, it was not there when I looked this morning. What a rookie mistake.

Is anybody out there?

So now the Donkey has added options for you the reader to subscribe by e-mail, to posts, to comments, and the ability to search the blog for particular topics or links. I hope you will.

Thanks Laura!

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