Friday, October 19, 2012

facebook and "friends"

If you're like me, your list of friends on facebook is pretty diverse. Mine includes old friends from grammar and high school, some friends I have worked with in the past, some casual acquaintances from here or there, some people I have never met before but are interesting and interactive nonetheless, and of course some friends that I see often or at least a lot more often than the others. I have friends of varying faiths, ethnicity, financial stability, marital status, political thought and more. A very diverse group in deed.

I'm pretty sure that most of us post stuff that many of our "friends" disagree with. I am trying to do a better job of just scrolling along when I come to something that really "gets" to me. I can do better. I think you might be able to do better as well.

Just because you can "see" a post you disagree with does not mean you have to pick a fight. In fact, it's probably best to either continue scrolling, "hide" that "friend's" posts for a while (like until after the election as an example) or <gasp!> just unfriend them. It's not the end of the world to do so. Really. It's better than to argue and fight with them, and if it bothers you that much it's better that you not "have to look at that" anymore.

I've been unfriended a lot. I have done a little unfriending myself. In fact, I have unfriended more people that I "care" about. Why? Because I care too much about them to allow myself to continue getting mad over differences that I do not have to "witness".

My biggest weakness? Those who continuously blaspheme God, are always posting vulgarity, or are insinuating that I or my family or friends are (not nice things here).

As I said, I can still do a lot better.

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