Monday, November 5, 2012

Armed resistance to oppression by political authority

As Catholics, we have such a great resource in the Catechism.

Catechism means "teaching", and although the Catechism is pretty thorough about what the Church teaches, it is of course not all-inclusive.

Now, for those who might frown on a resource beyond the Bible, I suggest taking a look at the Catechism, and then seek out how that compares to your particular faith and the fullness of explanations provided.

I particularly like to view the searchable index to find out what the Church teaches regarding certain topics. This morning I decided to look up "politics". Well, I found "Political authority/community" with 10 sub-categories referencing 17 paragraphs. The first listed is "action of resisting oppression by political power".

Again, while not all-inclusive of even this particular sub-category (meaning there is room for particular circumstances and interpretation), I really love the thought that has gone into this. Here's what the Catechism (paragraph 2243) says:

Armed resistance to oppression by political authority is not legitimate, unless all the following conditions are met: 
  • there is certain, grave, and prolonged violation of fundamental rights;  
  • all other means of redress have been exhausted; 
  • such resistance will not provoke worse disorders; 
  • there is well-founded hope of success; and 
  • it is impossible reasonably to foresee any better solution.

Disclaimer: This is merely a catechetical observation and not a suggestion that there is anything in the current political culture of the United States of America that warrants said action. Wackos stay away from my blog and Mr FBI man, you don't need to come visit me....again.

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