Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pro-Life Problems

I think it's past time that we admit we have some serious pro-life problems. I often see references to the "pro-life movement", and here is where the problems begin. You see, there really isn't a pro-life movement, but rather many different movements with many different agendas.

First of all, pro-life encompasses much more than ant-abortion efforts, but it is those efforts that I am most concerned with at the moment and the subject of this post.

Among those who wish to see an end to abortion are those who want to see it completely abolished and those who believe there should be exceptions. There are those who think that abortion should be illegal and those who say "You can't legislate such things, but rather have to change people's hearts and minds". There are those who reject any legislation that includes exceptions, those who desire "personhood" amendments, and those that will accept anything that will limit or lessen abortion to any degree. Some think we should focus locally, some nationally, and some globally.

There are those who will not work with anyone outside of their particular organization or Faith or even local church. There are those that will work with many others "but not them".

Of course there are many who are willing to put all differences aside, placing the babies first, and work together for them.

It is these that we need more of. That's not to say we  should not all find our niche or an organization we can work with, one that we feel we really fit in with or agree with, just that we should try to keep our eyes on the big picture.

I intend to greatly intensify my postings on this and related topics. Let's not let our individual ideas become differences that divide us.

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