Friday, November 23, 2012

The Biggest Sale Ever and FREE

Today is "Black Friday" and thousands of people are out shopping for great deals and big sales. Some lined up hours in advance to ensure they would be able to score things they found in ads that have been out for a week or more.

Meanwhile, many will overlook the biggest and best sale ever. Although the ads have been out for a much longer time, and although the great deal is a necessity not just a want, and even though it is absolutely free to people since the price has already been paid in full by someone else, many will choose not to take advantage of the offer.

Of course I am talking about the great deal God has offered to us, salvation. Jesus has paid for this bargain for all of us. But sadly, many believe that the ad is misleading. They misunderstand the meaning of "free" and so reject the offer all together or they make this "store" the last on their list of priorities, and ultimately just do a little "window shopping".

Well, maybe this year will be different. Maybe the people will line up at their churches hours in advance. Maybe they will respond to this great free gift of God with true Thanksgiving.

Maybe they will use this Advent season which starts December 2nd to prepare for Christ's Mass, the celebration of God, humbling Himself and becoming man in order to purchase this bargain for us.


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