Monday, December 17, 2012

My Agenda Regarding Last Friday's Tragedy in Connecticut

Since the tragic events that occurred last Friday in Connecticut,  I have been inundated by messages and agendas. Most of what I have seen has been on the internet and social media because I have shielded my four and eight year old children from what has happened.

We are in trouble. It's not that it's a surprise to me that we are in trouble. I just want to reiterate though; we are in trouble. I have seen numerous posts saying to some effect or another that "we are a nation in mourning". I'm sure many are mourning. I saw my wife and others sobbing at Mass yesterday as we prayed for the victims and their families during the Universal Prayer (Prayers of the Faithful). But as a nation?

I'm not sure there is anything we do as a nation anymore. But what we really are is a nation of agenda-driven people. I'd like to say that I'm saddened that almost everything that happens these days gives way to the imposition of various agendas. Truth is though, that the word "almost" does not apply; it's everything. It's the way we're wired these days. No one wants "their" agenda drowned out by someone else's.

I was going to lay out some examples, but you don't need me to do that. You've seen them all too. Some of those agendas are completely contrary to what I believe. Some of the agendas expressed have been spot-on to what I believe, and others fall somewhere in the middle to varying degrees on my "agendometer". I hope to continue to resist the urge to throw my own two cents in to any of these particulars.

Are you truly "mourning" with the parents, relatives, and friends of the victims? Really? Because I don't think they have any agendas on their minds. They are grieving with an unimaginable level of suffering. Please God, may I never experience such pain. May no other parent ever have to experience such pain again.

But alas, I do have an agenda. As I stated, my youngest children have no idea about these events. Yet, this morning I sent my 2nd grader to school knowing that it is unrealistic to think that all of his friends are as oblivious to this horror. Part of my agenda was to spend a little extra time with him, to give him an extra hug and an extra kiss, and to tell him "I love you" more than any previous day. That part was easy and of course successful. The next part of my agenda? Well, I am aching just thinking about how much information he will take in today. Not because I am afraid to talk to him about it or what to say, but because an eight year old should not have to think or worry about such things. He just shouldn't.

When he comes home today, I will again give him some extra affection. As any other day, I will ask him about the events of his day. But today I will have that secondary agenda; to ascertain what he knows about last Friday and help him as best I can. I do pray he knows nothing.

That is my agenda for today....until it's time for tomorrow's agenda.

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