Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Papacy: Renunciation, Abdication, Papabile, and More

This morning on Women of Grace (Yeah, yeah, yeah) Johnnette Benkovic interviewed James Noonan. Mr. Noonan is the author of The Church Visible: The Ceremonial Life and Protocol of the Roman Catholic Church; first published in 1996, but revised this past August.

This was a fascinating and educational interview that I am excited to share with you. Mr. Noonan explains why we are wrong to think or say that Pope Benedict is simply resigning or retiring, discusses the magnitude of this historic moment in Church history, and discusses renunciation, abdication, papabile, and more.

A few possible names are even suggested. Johnnette introduces Mr. Noonan just after the ten minute mark. Well, here's the link to the audio:

Johnnette Benkovic; Women of Grace: February 13, 2013 with James Noonan

Thank you to Johnnette for making the audio available.

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