Monday, April 29, 2013

Random thoughts after being out of town

Much of my family moved from South Louisiana to North Texas almost 8 years ago after Hurricane Katrina. I was in a small Central Louisiana town nearly all of last week, and that's the most time I've spent there since we moved.

My wife's stepfather passed away Monday, and we went there to help my mother-in-law.

Here's some random thoughts from the week.

I used to work for a bread company. There is NO bread that can compete with the freshness or soft texture of Bunny Bread. (I did not work for Bunny Bread.)

It really is true: Louisiana roads are crummy.

People in Louisiana move at a different pace than the rest of the country. 

People in Central Louisiana move at a more laid back and slower pace than even those in South Louisiana. This can have its benefits at times.

Some people have to be asked to do every little thing. Some do not have to be asked to do anything.

Good people are there for others even at difficult times.

Younger people do not make good "neighbors" at hotels.

No matter how prepared someone is for the death of a friend or loved one, they can never be fully prepared.

Not all funeral homes are created equal.

If you say you are going to call someone back, you should.

Supervisors often do not know the job of their employees as well as they should.

Some people are willing to go an extra mile or two or more. Some do the minimum only because they have to. Many try to get away with doing less than the minimum.

It's good to have a routine.

It's good to have a few interests and things you like - and to enjoy those to the fullest.

Old country music is better than new country music.

It's better to learn late how much you are loved than never to have learned at all.

Good food does not trump crummy service or attitudes.

I was taught to be a considerate and courteous driver. Most others were not - or they don't practice such anyway.

When you're used to Mass at a particular time, attending a different Mass can seem strange.

Some gave all. Some gave none.

Wal-Mart is Wal-Mart no matter where you are.

When making road trips, there's nothing like knowing where the clean restrooms are.

Entergy (the power company for most of Louisiana) is ripping people off to the point that I am sure the politicians are being paid off by them. People's bills are doubled between the extremely high "fuel adjustment" and the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita surcharges on the bills. (These will each be on the bills for ten years.)

Ok. That's all for now.