Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BengIRSAP: Where does "the buck" stop?

Benghazi, IRS, and the AP; BengIRSAP.

It seems the media is finally paying attention to the facts instead of the fairy tales. The White House is finally being asked real questions about its handling or mishandling of specific events and occurrences both domestic and abroad. Wow! What a shame it has taken so long.

But I suspect that this may not last for long. Even under fire, the President, the Head of the AG, and the White House Spokesman continue to spin, dodge, blame, and even lie.

But they are also enabled by their political opponents who try to get so far in front of the facts that they make themselves look like targets. Oh, and this Administration has had so much target practice, I'm sure they qualify as expert marksmen.

Whether "left", "right", or "moderate", I wish we could all just be honest.

I'll start. I am not a fan of this President, most of those in his Administration, and especially the AG.

That said, I am not hoping that the President will be found to have been criminally involved in BengIRSAP or intentional cover-ups.

That would further damage our country and the Office. I still hold that the Office commands a respect that goes far above anyone who occupies it. And seeking a particular person (even the President; especially the President) to be found of criminal intent is motivated by something other than a desire for the truth.

BUT...I do want the truth. I do want to know who "did it" (in each and every matter of importance as it relates to BengIRSAP), and I want their to be just consequences for those involved  regardless of who they are or what office they hold.

However, before we get to that point, I would like the President and each of those with authority regarding the various aspects of BengIRSAP to just take responsibility. Not as the former Secretary of State did. That was phony and meaningless. I mean a good old fashioned "The buck stops here" statement from those with whom "the buck" should stop.

But especially the President. NOT so he can become the target, but so that we can get beyond that and start searching for the true targets. In my thinking, passing the buck only makes one look guilty and arouses suspicions.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't the first President who has shirked responsibility, and he won't be the last; a lack of character not isolated to any particular political party either.

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