Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day! May Day! St. Joseph, Mother Mary Help Us!

Today, girls as young as 15 will be able to purchase abortion pills off of store shelves.

May Day! May Day!

God is not allowed in our schools and public places.

May Day! May Day!

About 125,000 babies are killed in the womb every day.

May Day! May Day!

Disorder is celebrated as heroic greatness.

May Day! May Day!

The FCC has a plan to reduce complaints they receive about indecency. It's not to make network tv more decent. It's to allow just about anything, including the F-Bomb and full nudity.

May Day! May Day!

Most people follow along like sheep as government distracts them from the true causes of violence in our society.

May Day! May Day!

You know I could go on and on here.

Today is the feast of St Joseph the Worker. It is an opportunity to reflect on the true direction of our lives. Our work, whatever that is, finds its true fulfillment when directed toward the service of God. That is, we understand that in performing the work of our lives, the work God has given us, we thank Him by performing that work in a dignified manner. Our work is blessed when we recognize it as God's provision to us, to sustain us and our families.

It is a way to "pray without ceasing". It is a way to give our lives in sacrifice. As with any true sacrifice, we acknowledge that our work (our lives) are a gift from God. We take that gift, make something of it, and offer it back to God.

This is far different from the Communists' (who celebrate May Day today) perspective that each person is but a unit of labor in service to the government. When Christians rightly understand that the true orientation of work is toward God, they gain a better appreciation of the other's work as well. And this should translate into a better understanding and appreciation for the dignity of the entire person as well.

May is the month of Mary.

How blessed to have been given the responsibility of giving our Savior life, loving and nurturing Him. If ever we needed the intercession of our Blessed Mother, we need it now.

Let's turn to her intercession and ask her to petition her Son to intervene in the gross situation we find our world today; to give us a true love for each other, not the false love of the world which says that in order to love we must diminish God.

MAY the examples of St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother re-orient us towards our God.

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