Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Same God?

I sat on this post for a couple of weeks now. The problem is that I try to be careful about giving an opinion that could cause someone else difficulty in their faith. Questioning faith or certain aspects of one's faith is normal and questioning with an intent to seek truth rather than questioning with a mind that is already made up can lead one to a better appreciation of the foundations of one's faith.

Neither this post nor my particular opinion here represent some mind-blowing, world-altering position. It's just that I have difficulty with the belief that many seem to have about "the One God" so I do think it's important.

So the Vatican sends an envoy to Malaysia, and he gets into trouble with the government for "interference" with the "internal affairs of the country."

The problem? The use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims. I saw this article about the controversy stirred up by the envoy, Archbishop Joseph Marino. At least for me, this highlights a larger problem. Oh, here's what started it:

He (Archbishop Marino) described arguments put forward by the Catholic Church in an ongoing court battle for the right to translate "God" as "Allah" in Malay-language Bibles and other literature as "logical and acceptable". 

I need to state that while I usually cite Church teachings on this blog, what I suggest today is my opinion.

I agree with the Muslim groups here. While we share a common heritage of faith with Abraham, I am increasingly concerned with the attempts to say that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

One need only perform elementary research on the Muslim understanding of "Allah" to know that this is not the God that Christians worship. At the very least, we certainly have completely different understandings of God.

It's not hateful. I just think we have to be honest here. A rejection of the Trinity, a rejection of the Incarnation (basically saying Jesus is a liar), a rejection that God interacts with us, does not sound like the same God to me. And that's really just the tip of it.

I just think this can be confusing to many, especially to those with little understanding of the Christian Faith. Oh, and I don't believe this comparison is only true with the Muslim faith either.

So I usually cringe when someone says "we worship the same God" rather than saying "we share the roots of faith via Abraham." Semantics? Or a dangerous difference that can lead someone to think that Jesus is not THE WAY?

That's all. At least for now.

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