Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More on CRS

In my last post, I linked to an NCR report that stated scandalous claims involving CRS "don't appear to be holding up", and later commented

"I have left it to the individual reader to also do their own fact-finding and soul-searching. I've only stated that for me, personally, these types of issues seem to come up repeatedly, that my own financial resources are pretty limited, and that at this time I have made the decision to withhold participation."

Here's some more information from American Life League about CHANNEL, a piece of software developed by the United Nations Population Fund, touted as the most simple “contraceptive logistics management information system."

"With funding from Catholic Relief Services, 19 of 33 prefectures were equipped with solar energy sources, allowing UNFPA-supported CHANNEL software to be put into place for reproductive health supply management."

Read the whole thing here.

Again, this is simply my attempt to help keep others as informed as possible.

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