Monday, October 21, 2013

Catholic Resources: For Your Children and For You; Number 3

Third installment of Catholic resources for children and for adults:

Resources For Your Children:

OSV Reconciliation Glossary Terms Link – A great review of terms and their meanings that reinforces their understanding of Reconciliation. Just click the term to see the explanation.

Resources For You:

Mea Culpa – This is a free app for your mobile device. It contains Confession FAQs, Prayer Before Examination, an easyto-use examination of conscience digital check list, a step-by-step guide to going to confession, and a Ask A Question button to send an e-mail requesting information on anything that you were not able to find the answer to on the app.

Confession – Another app for your mobile device. (This one is $1.99) Similar to Mea Culpa, but really not the same. (I use both simultaneously when preparing.) Includes a different examination, a how-to, seven different Acts of Contrition, and some general prayers as well.

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