Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are you a pawn for politicians and parties?

I have to admit.  It's been a pretty rotten day.  First, there's the trouble for friends and family with Hurricane Isaac.  There's national media and others who call New Orleans area (NOLA) residents crazy or demean them in other ways without taking into account all of the facts.

Then, I find myself in a bit of a spitting match with Steve Ertelt of who I've much respected for his prolife work.

Where I have been calling on Christians and especially Catholics to take a real serious look at the choices we are being presented with in this election, and challenging them to keep the issues of life, faith, morals, and family values alive, well Steve drew the line in the sand for me.

I was absolutely shocked that his response to my position (I can be against abortion without supporting Romney, can't I? I can support SOME of his policy/position without sounding 100% for.) with "No, the choice is Romney or Obama, pick a side."  See it here.

My response to that (and I did respond such) can only be

WOW! I am for GOD before man. I WILL support action before words. I support Romney's stance against abortion BUT not his exceptions. - Me, George Vogt, IV
This whole "I am a robot with blinders on my eyes and fingers in my ears" thing was really getting to me.

Then I saw Lorraine Keeley on facebook post a video by Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV that made my day get much better.  Mr. Voris has a much larger audience than I, and the message sounds familiar.

Thanks Lorraine!

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