Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CPLC: Helping you answer the difficult questions‏

-by Karen Garnett, Executive Director Catholic Pro-Life Committee

It was 8 years ago, but I still remember the shock as if it was yesterday. The unbelievable news headline read: “Cardinal Ratzinger: It’s OK to vote for pro-choice candidates, if for other reasons.” I was floored by this blatant misrepresentation of our-now Holy Father's words and the Church's teaching prohibiting support of intrinsic evils, and I was galvanized, with every ounce of my energy, to find a way to right this terrible wrong. This moment crystallized for me the dire need for education and clarification of the truth as to what it means to be a Faithful Citizen ... a Catholic American.

This need is even more critical in 2012, as we face attacks not only against the most vulnerable in the womb, but also against traditional marriage and our most precious liberty – religious freedom. On September 8, leaders from throughout the state will be presenting on these issues in English and Spanish (two tracks) at the Render Unto Caesar conference (details below).

You may be saying to yourself: "I know and understand the Church's teaching on Faithful Citizenship. What can this conference offer me?" But it is not enough for us to simply know the truth. We are called to live, proclaim and defend that truth. This conference will equip you to answer that call by:

Helping you answer the difficult questions
Preparing you to discuss the hard issues
Giving you opportunities to be heard
and providing tools to be persuasive. 

Plus much, much more! 

Our focus is naturally on ensuring our consciences are formed properly for the voting booth this year. But our obligation as Catholics, as Americans, is much broader and more profound. We are called to be evangelizers every day of every year, in our private lives and in the public square. Join me on September 8 to become a peaceful and powerful force for the truth. And invite your family and friends!

I look forward to learning and evangelizing with each of you.

Blessings in Christ, for Life,

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