Thursday, September 13, 2012

Looking for love in all the wrong places

So on September 11, I asked, "Did the world learn from the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001?" I more than insinuated that the answer is, "No!"

I think the the events that have unfolded since and actually are continuing to unfold further make the point of my post. Oh, didn't you hear?

Now, I admit that I don't really think that President Obama, Cardinal Dolan, or the Vatican really think that the Muslim terrorists who are behind all of this violence are justified in all of this. Also, headlines can always be manipulated to stir the reader to a conclusion that he/she may not have come to without such "promptings".

However, the truth is that along with "condemnations" for the terrorists, there were "condemnations" for a stupid movie. A movie! Can't they see that whether they intend to do so or not, they acknowledge that the terrorists have some sort of right to be mad enough to act in such ways. Ridiculous! 

As I asked/stated on my facebook:

If "radical" Catholics had killed US citizens and diplomats over Dan Brown's movies, would the response of many be to apologize for the movie being made? - Before lecturing me, I am prolife (probably more than most if not all reading this) all around, so am not suggesting at all that this would be acceptable behavior-just thinking "this is crazy this is crazy this is crazy"

I try to embrace the "Love your enemies" command by Jesus, and admit that it is often a struggle to do so. But trying to rationalize violence or by giving any sort of credibility to it is not about love, it is blind stupidity.

Look, what I am saying is that if you believe that Islam is a "religion of peace", then stop acting so scared that if you don't put a disclaimer on everything you do, then you in effect create more terrorists. Because seriously, I suspect that Muslims who embrace Islam as a religion of peace must actually be offended by such insecurities.

I suspect such because one of the better responses I read was from the Islamic Circle of North America. While the response did mention the movie, there was absolutely no attempt to condone violence, and also there was absolutely no attempt to condemn the movie or those who made it. In fact, the movie and those associated with it were somewhat "blown off" by the group. I commend them for that. As a Catholic, I also "blow off" Dan Brown.

I think it's good to dialogue, and we all need to do that to better understand each other. But equalizing the making of a movie with motivations for terrorism does not promote "love", it promotes more violence. It's looking for love in all the wrong places. Perhaps our government and Church leaders should check to see what organizations like ICNA think before they speak themselves.

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