Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Freedom from religion?

I am going to have lunch with my son Brandon today at school. Brandon is in second grade, and I will be attending the school book fair with him after lunch.

As I was putting on my shirt a while ago, my wife Kendra asked, "Are you wearing that shirt to school?" At first I thought she meant to Monica's Kids' Day Out program at our parish. Perplexed as to why she was asking, I gave her the "deer in the headlights" look. Kendra said, "I think he would get in trouble if he wore that to school."

Oh, oh. My "button" got pushed.

The "problem" was that I had picked out my 2012 "Hike for Life" shirt. There's no reference to anything religious, but on the back is a picture of a baby's hand reaching out, with the words, "Take my hand, not my life." There's also a phone number referenced for crisis pregnancy counseling.

Kendra meant no harm of course, but her response to my wearing this shirt to a public school underlines a couple of "beefs" I have.

Planned Parenthood is all over public school campuses in this country. They are "teaching" sex education (uggg), handing out contraceptives, and letting little girls know they can get an abortion without their parents finding out. Of course this lets the little boys know they can use the little girls for their own pleasure and not have to "worry" about any responsibility. Don't tell me I can't wear my shirt that promotes a respect for life to a public school campus.

Even if my shirt did promote a "religious" thought, so what? Here's another problem we have today. We have let atheists and others tell us that God is not allowed anywhere in the public square. They hide behind the public funding argument, and despite the government being the number one sponsor of Planned Parenthood, the largest baby-killer in America, the government backs them. Another uggg.

It's not freedom from religion, people. It's freedom of religion.


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    1. Anthony, thanks for taking time to respond as often as you do. Of course I wore the shirt. It's still on. And by the way, my miraculous medal was also very visible as well.