Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Woman leaves young girls alone; Is she really a "zero"?

It's not often that I post more than once in a day, but I saw this story about a woman whose 6-year-old twin children were left alone at home and nearly died in a fire. Does this make this woman a "zero"?

The girls were playing with matches when the fire broke out. They were found "unresponsive" by firefighters. Thank God the girls are alright now.

As a parent, my first reaction was one of outrage. I really have a problem with the thought of children being severely injured or worse due to neglect. "How in the world could a mother leave her young children alone like that?", was my initial thought.

Then, I read, "She said she had gone to work as a Harrah’s Casino security guard and left them alone." A neighbor also complained, "That's normal. She just do that all the time."

This made me think.

  1. The woman is obviously a single mother.
  2. She did not choose abortion for her girls, .
  3. She obviously is not trying to" live off of the system", but is working to support herself and her girls.
  4. The cost of day care for 2 girls is probably comparable to her full paycheck as a guard.
I'm not saying what she did was good. I am just saying that this made me think. It's easy to judge people. It's really easy to judge them quickly. I'm also saying that this woman just might not be as bad as she first sounded. 

I'm saying that she, like many of us, found herself in a situation where she had to make some tough choices. Only God knows what is truly in our hearts.


  1. Thanks for sharing George. She isn't a zero, but instead someone who needs the support of the community.

  2. Definitely Anthony. This could be a true ministry for some churches too.