Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guest Blog: The Truth about Christmas

- by L. Cowell

Christmas is not about joy, peace, love, or happiness; best wishes, dreams or hope, family love, friendship or any other squishy feeling. I love all those things, but if that was all it was about, I could much easier get all that from hugging a teddy bear. It's also not about trees, bells, tinsel or other sparkly things. Material things are wonderful and have their place, but they don't define Christmas.

And most of all, Christmas definitely is not about making it mean whatever we want. Christmas is about one thing only, the birth of Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Most Holy Trinity; born out of the love for all mankind. He came to teach us how to be fully human, how to be what we were created to be. Only when we embrace the Truth that He is, will we then know true joy, peace, love, and happiness. Only then will our best wishes, dreams and hope have meaning.

Only then will family love and friendship be aright in our lives. If we allow Him to define us, we then truly will be whole. In giving up ourselves, we gain all.

This Christmas, lose yourself in Jesus Christ the Person. And know True Love.

L. Cowell is a Catholic wife and mother. She writes from Pittsburgh, PA.

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  1. It does not say in the Bible that Jesus was born on the 25 December so why celebrate , he only reminds us to think of his death THAT HE GAVE HIS LIFE FOR US ,not Birthday.