Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26 is a big deal in my house

December 26 is much more than the day after Christmas in my house. It'as a big deal for multiple reasons.

For starters, Christmas lasts more than just one day. It lasts about 3 weeks until Epiphany.  But that's for everyone, not just us.

December 26 is also the Feast of St. Stephen, the saint I chose as my patron at Confirmation. And, I know that might not really excite many.

December 26 is also the anniversary of my youngest son's Baptism, and that alone makes the day special for us. Many Catholics are not aware of their own Baptismal anniversary. I really encourage you to discover this important date. I'll spare the catechesis for now. ha ha.

And it is the event of Brandon's Baptism that God used to work through, not only the Ordinary means by which He operates in the Sacrament but also through Extraordinary means as well. It's a good example for me of God's work in the kairos. Here's a few examples of what enhances this event for us:

  • It was one of multiple instances that God used to affirm His call of me to stand strong in my return to Him
  • It was the first time that my wife Kendra and I attended Mass together at our parish in Arabi, LA
  • It was one of many moments that God used to remind me that I am a silly little man and He is God
  • It was, I believe, the first time that my wife understood how God speaks to our hearts and how He was speaking to hers
  • Thus it was also the day He planted the seed of the "desire for Baptism" in her heart as well (although that was revealed later)
  • St. Stephen was a deacon in the early Church. This is very appropriate as the ministry of the diaconate through several deacons  has been special to us
  • This includes the deacon who baptized Brandon and earlier gave the Homily that put me in my place and was the vehicle by which God delivered his message to Kendra; all at once
  • On this date in 2004, it was also the Feast of the Holy Family. I believe this to be the time that began the formation and foundation of our family's preparation for the events that led us to our current location

Of less significance, but will always be remembered by me is that just minutes before the Baptism, Brandon peed on me; all over the front of my white shirt..


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