Friday, January 25, 2013

North Texas Review: Texas Family Medicine

My family moved from South Louisiana to North Texas 7 years ago. While my wife was pregnant with our now-4-year-old daughter, we decided to find a new pediatrician.

A friend suggested we try Dr. Chris Noyes of Texas Family Medicine. She said that although Dr. Noyes did not specialize in pediatrics only, we would be more than satisfied. Well, she was right! Dr. Noyes specializes in people, and we could not be more pleased that we decided to entrust our children's healthcare to him and his team.

Rather than spend a lot of time reviewing each aspect and/or quality about TFM and Dr. Noyes, there are a couple of main points I want to make.

Dr. Noyes has always treated us as though we were his only appointment for the day. I have never been made to feel hurried or that there are any questions that he doesn't have time to answer. In fact, he has always taken an interest in our lives beyond the realm of physical health.

When I have to make health decisions regarding my children, I feel very comfortable in asking Dr. Noyes, a father of five himself, "What would you do for your own children?" Oh, and the kids actually love visiting too (except the occasional shots of course).

Also, there have been instances where we have been seen by Dr. Heather Sheffield as well. Our experiences with Dr. Sheffield have been similar to those with Dr. Noyes.

There is something else about Dr. Noyes that makes me particularly proud of him. He is very open about his faith and about being pro-life. The very first time that I met Dr. Noyes, before he knew anything at all about me, he made it very clear that he was pro-life, that his practice would always be consistent with his pro-life beliefs, and that he does not do patient referrals for practices, procedures, medications, etc that are not consistent with his pro-life beliefs. I love that!

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