Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The ABC's of Abortion

I have always found the language of the pro-abortion crowd confusing, but it seems even Planned Parenthood now agrees with me about the ABC's of Abortion. Honestly, I've always believed the pro-abortion word games were intentional and not a mistake.


For instance, the whole "pro-choice" thing. Do they really mean they are for choice? Probably not, since abortion proponents don't want women to see ultrasound pictures of their babies. They might see the baby moving and choose not to kill it you know.


"Safe" is another complicated term for the abortion crowd too. Well, it's definitely not safe for the human baby that is killed. It's not safe for the women who die or are physically wounded during the killing of their babies. It's not safe for the psychologically damaged women, men, friends, and family who suffer because of the killing of these babies. This doesn't sound safe to me. Yet, those who are for abortion, do not want women to be properly informed of these facts. Is that what they mean by "choice"?


"Legal"? Oh, I guess it is legal in this country theses days. Slave owners were legally free to choose to own slaves not too long ago either.


"Rare"? 55,000,000 (that's 55 MILLION) babies killed in the womb (and many outside of the womb) does not sound rare to me. In fact, the number of babies that are killed by abortion in this country every year out-number the deaths of Americans in all wars combined. Oh, and that includes actions against pirates too. Most of those war heroes made a choice to lay down their lives. Some of course really did not have a choice. NONE of the babies killed by abortion are given a choice.

Reproductive Rights

"Reproductive Rights" is the latest attempt to confuse. Come on! This one is simple. No one wants to infringe on the rights of women to reproduce. At least not yet, that is. In China, women are forced to abort their babies; population control, you know. If that sad day ever comes to America, the abortion crowd will have to choose to rethink this one too. "That could never happen here!" Well, when the government decides it is no longer economically feasible...

Planned Parenthood

"Planned Parenthood"; the best example of the intentional twisting of language. Planned Parenthood is about abortion. It's what they do. It's what they advocate. Anything that might steal away their abortion business (like choosing not to kill babies) is not the choice they mean. Parenthood is not really their plan.

What DO They MEAN by CHOICE?

No matter how the pro-abortion crowd twists, rearranges, and attempts to confuse the ABC'c of abortion, the question remains; "What do they mean by choice?"

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  1. Want another confusing pro-abortion term? Try this one on for size: "post-birth abortion." Yes, you heard me right: abortion after birth.

    Ironic thing is, it's SO confusing that not even the "pro-choicer's" can stomach it. Why not? Because by reading what the researchers who have coined the term are suggesting, the pro-choice crowd has to (shamefully) look at themselves and realize that these scientists are right: killing a non-self-sufficient baby in the womb is no different than killing a non-self-sufficient newborn outside of it.


    And while the pro-abortion reader may gasp at the horrific thought of the proposed "legitimacy" of killing a newborn child simply because the potential parents are either mentally distraught or feel the dependent newborn would be a burden to them, they must then acknowledge that the dependency of an unborn child is no different, and therefore abortion can never be an option.

    Tough words to have swallow if you're a pro-choicer...and yet the words of the pro-life message are clear and unchanging - Choose Life.

    --Lisa Noyes

    1. Thanks Lisa. Sad, but true. Back around election time I wrote about the current president's support of this disgusting practice.