Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Man and the Flies

Once upon a time there was a man who lived alone. He was sad and lonely, wishing there was someone to talk to.

Then, as he was reading his paper one day, a little fly landed on his table. "Hello little fly!" the man said, "I'm glad you landed here. I have much to say, and there is no one to listen to me."

The man found great delight in telling the little fly everything that was on his mind. Soon, the little fly was joined by several other flies, and the man was thrilled to share with a much larger audience the many deep thoughts he had about so many deep topics.

Days passed, and the man began to notice that not all of the flies were paying attention to him. In fact, more and more of them seemed to be flying about, paying no mind to his great intellectual prowess.

The man pulled out his fly-swatter. SWAT!!!!!!!!! "Now," thought the man "they will pay attention now." and he continued to share with them the great knowledge he had always longed to share.

But alas as the man sipped his coffee one morning, he noticed that more and more flies were flying about, not taking time to just sit and listen to his wonderful oratory. So the man began swatting and swatting and swatting.

Then, he had a grand idea! He pulled out his trusty fly spray and sprayed it liberally through the air, completely unconcerned with the possible effects of his actions.

Soon, only the original little fly remained, hobbled, but seemingly still "there" for the man. The man was dizzy, but happy that he could again continue with his contribution to the education of the little fly. But then, the fly finally succumbed to the poisonous spray and fell helplessly from the table and died.

The man was furious that the flies had "made" him teach them a lesson. He wanted to tell someone about the rotten flies, but no one was there to listen; not even a fly. So the man, still dizzy and now suffering from a headache, laid in bed......and died.

Weeks later, after the man's body had been "discovered" and the coroner had performed the necessary exploratory procedures and observations, the medical assistant asked "So doctor, what was the cause of death?" The coroner, said "suicide".

"Suicide?" asked the surprised assistant. "Yes" said the coroner, "apparently this man poisoned himself by drinking coffee laced with fly spray."

The End

Lord, please forgive me for the times that my actions have not matched Your Word, driving others away not only from myself, but most of all from You. Help me in my brokenness to always remain focused on You, that You may always be glorified by what I do and say. May I also find forgiveness from those I may have offended, not for my benefit, but because You desire that all of us find healing and reconciliation through You. Amen.

"That they may be One." - Jesus 

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