Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Day of Remembrance, 2013

Gravesite at Calvary Hill where more than
1,300 aborted babies are buried
This past Saturday - September 14, 2013 - was the first annual National Day of Remembrance For Aborted Children. There were over 100 memorial services held at locations all over the country, including 38 gravesites of aborted children.

The North Texas memorial was held at the Cemetery of the Innocents at Calvary Hill in Dallas, where more than 1,300 babies are buried. Many of the babies were discovered by pro-life activists in the dumpster of a local abortion clinic in 1984.

The Lam family
of Frisco, TX

This site is also the burial site of Baby Malachi, the subject of one of
the most famous photos of an aborted baby ever taken. His image has been used by thousands of pro-life advocates nationwide and has turned hearts away from abortion to choose life!

Malachi was recovered by activist Flip Benham of Operation Save America and was buried in 1993. His name means "Messenger," appropriate since his image has brought the truth about abortion to millions of people across the country. (Read more about Malachi here.) (See an image of Malachi here - WARNING; graphic)

Rachel Lam
The local sponsor of this year's memorial was Texas Pro-Life Action Team.

The memorial included prayers led by Ishita Patel Kent of Dallas, the singing of Amazing Grace led by Karen Garnett (Executive Director of The Catholic Pro-Life Committee), and the laying of flowers at the gravesite.

Speakers for the memorial included Andrew Smith; State Director for Texas Pro-Life Action Team, Rachel Lam from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Frisco, Janice Petrie with The Bella House, and Jacqueline Smith with Flowers For Innocents Project.

Ishita Patel Kent
The memorial ended in solemn silence in tribute to the nearly 55 million babies known to have been aborted in the United States since January 22, 1973.

The second annual Day of Remembrance will be held Saturday, September 13, 2014.

Andrew Smith
Texas Pro-Life Action Team: The Texas Pro-Life Action Team is a 501 C-3 non-profit corporation registered in the state of Texas with the simple mission of ending abortion in Texas via public witness and grass roots activism in the Legislature. - texasprolife.org

Jacqueline Smith
Flowers for Innocents Project: The Flowers for Innocents Project is designed to raise awareness of the many gravesites nationwide that contain the bodies of aborted children and to encourage regular visits for the laying of flowers. - flowersforinnocents.org

Janice Petrie
The Bella House: The Bella House is a house of hospitality that offers love and support for pregnant women in the Dallas area. The Bella House seeks to serve women in need by providing for both their emotional and physical needs. - bellahouse.org

Karen Garnett
The Catholic Pro-Life Committee: The Catholic Pro-Life Committee, Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Dallas, is devoted to ending abortion and restoring respect and legal protection for every human life. The CPLC carries out this mission through nine life-saving ministries. - prolifedallas.org

Abortion After-Care Healing / The Rachel Ministries: A service to women and men seeking healing after abortion. - racheldallas.org

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