Thursday, September 19, 2013

Catechist: God’s Beautiful World

This Sunday, we will facilitate our first 3rd Grade Faith Formation lesson. The theme of the lesson is “God’s Beautiful World”. This is a preview of the lesson.

God’s Beautiful World

We'll encourage our parents and children to bless themselves with the holy water as they enter the classroom to sign in. There will be an activity sheet for the children to work on once they have found their place to sit.

We will begin with a prayer, get to know each other, and set some classroom rules. Some of those basics are:

                                               i.     Raise hand to speak
1.     Only 1 person speaking at a time
                                              ii.     Hands and feet to ourselves
                                             iii.     Respect others and property
                                             iv.     Please pay attention at all times
                                              v.     Mistakes are okay
1.     It’s always best to try and make a mistake than not to try
a.     NEVER laugh at anyone else’s mistakes
2.     Sometimes, we will have tests at the end of class or for homework
a.     Do not be afraid of the word “test”
                                                                                                     i.     These are to help remember what we learn
                                             vi.     If you do not understand something, please raise your hand before we move on to the next topic

We will also allow the children to set additional appropriate rules.

We'll discover that we can learn about others by observing things that they have made; by the time and effort and love put into their work. We can also learn more about God by observing His creation. Everything that humans “create” are made from things that God has already created. Only God can create something out of nothing.

We’ll look at both of the creation accounts in the Bible (Genesis 1: 1-23 and Genesis 2: 4-24) and discuss how both accounts show the beauty of God’s creation, with the second account emphasizing that people are God’s greatest and most cherished creation.

Next, we’ll learn that a responsibility is a duty or job that you are trusted to do; we are responsible to take care of God’s creation. Beauty and diversity are important parts of creation; humans are special and deserve respect because they are created in God’s image.

Time permitting, we will have our first written review, and close with a prayer.

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