Monday, December 3, 2012

Beginning an END to Abortion

Not long ago, I posted about some pro-life problems. For far too long, we have been divided. For far too long, we have been reliant upon political parties and/or candidates with far too little true concern about pro-life measures. It is time to make a new start, a real start if you will. It is time for the beginning of the end to abortion.

Texas Pro-Life Action Team has set out to do just that; beginning the end to abortion. The grass-roots organization's focus and efforts will be on ending abortion in Texas, but could very well be used as a model for groups and organizations in other states.

By training people to become their own lobbyists in the Texas Legislature, the group hopes to teach them to form relationships with their elected officials in order to apply pressure when it comes time to vote on pro-life bills.

The first training session is set for Saturday, February 9, 2013. The Crusaders for Life at the University of Dallas in Irving will host the event.

I will be posting more about the training and other efforts by Texas Pro-Life Action Team as more information becomes available. Meanwhile, I encourage you to visit their website, to like their page on Facebook, and to follow them on twitter.

Personally, I want to state that I am very encouraged by the vision of this organization. The abortion machine likes to hide behind the false notion that it is somehow part of "healthcare". I see this as a great window of opportunity, but that's enough for now.
Texas Pro-Life Action Team are a group of concerned citizens who want to end the culture of death and make unconditional respect for human life the foundation of a renewed society via two means: grassroots political training and public witness/activism. Read more here. Use the  Contact form.
Crusaders for Life promotes the dignity of life from conception through natural death through their prayerful presence at a Dallas abortion clinic each Saturday, as well as through lectures and visits to a local retirement home. For more information, contact Jennifer Wallace at 972.721.5000 x5165 or at

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