Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful? You Bet!

Today is Brandon's 9th birthday, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. We are in Central Louisiana, visiting with Kendra's mom. It will be the first time we have celebrated any holiday with her, and although Brandon was born in Louisiana, it is the first time we have celebrated his birthday in our native state.

I am very thankful for the life I have; for the family and friends that I share it with. I am thankful for God's hand in my life, for His Mercy and compassion, for His unwavering faithfulness, for His willingness to put up with me and the patience He gives the aforementioned family and friends for them to put up with me as well, and for being willing to use me on occasion in spite of my limitations and shortcomings.

In 10 days our current church parish will have also have a celebration; a grand one at that. We will celebrate the Rite of Dedication for our new church building. For years, even before we arrived in 2005, our parish has been preparing for this day. I am thankful for the parishioners who have dedicated countless hours to planning, organizing, informing, contributing, praying, etc. throughout this effort.

I am thankful that my children and all other children in our parish will finally experience the joy of worshiping God in such a place. I am thankful for the opportunity our parish has to renew the dedication of our own hearts and the catechetical opportunity before us as well. I am thankful for the priests who have constantly and consistently reminded us that this building of the Church in our hearts is the most important.

I am thankful to belong to the Universal Church, to be nourished by her Sacraments, and for the Groom Who has given His life for her; for me.

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